Our thesis

NFT’s are changing digital ownership rights, as well as how creators are interacting with their communities. Along with the growth of the NFT space, there is supporting infrastructure that needs to be built alongside it. The goal of this fund is to find the protocols that are moving the NFT space forward and building the infrastructure that is needed.

We will find the best and brightest teams in the NFT space and help give them the resources they need to succeed in the ecosystem.

Our strategy

We plan to deploy at least 80% of the fund’s capital in the first 6 - 9 months as we find protocols that fit with our thesis.

We will identify and select leading NFT networks through our networks and communities. We’ll be working directly with the teams we invest in to help them become a core piece of the NFT ecosystem long-term.

INFINFT's team will strategically invest in protocols and use-cases which it will in-turn leverage to experiment and continue to push forward the NFT ecosystem.

Who we are

We are Delphi Digital in combination with gmoneyNFT.


Among the first


Syndicate is currently in private alpha. No materials on the Syndicate site should be construed as a solicitation or advice to buy any security.

We take security seriously. Syndicate is currently in the process of both a security audit and formal verification. A shorter security review has already been conducted.